So, last night was the premiere of Heroes, the other new show I’m giving a shot.  WHat can I say?  I just don’t have the patience to try out EVERY new show like my buddy Randy.  I pick a few to try every season, and maybe one of them sticks.

I liked Heroes.  It’s run very hot and cold with critics, and I’m not sure the public will stick around for it.  I don’t really expect it to last more than a season, but I’ve still got some hope.  The premise, that normal people find themselves with superpowers and that they might somehow be connected by destiny, is cool, if a little predictable.

The comic book touches are many, and all of them are fun.  My favorite is the subtitles for the Japanese character, Hiro.  They float around the charater’s head, and all their missing is the word balloon and tail.  It makes for a fun viewing experience, which was really all I’d hoped for.

The Weekend that Was

The Friday night chat went very well. Lotta fun and quite informative.  Thanks to Kelli Dunlap for herding and SHawn Richter for showing up!

Some of you may be asking how the 48/sleepless experiment went.  Well, it didn’t.  I made it 21 hours, then got so bored I decided to sleep until something interested happened.

Oh, well.

FEAR order code and more


The Diamond code for Brian Keene’s FEAR is OCT063419.  Take that to your comic shop and order a bunch.


Tonight, at 9PM EST I’ll be a guest at Brian Keene’s chatroom to talk about FEAR and whatever else floats my boat.  You can find the chatroom off of Brian’s Message Board of the Madness.  Just go to the chat button beneath the big Got Worms? banner.  You’ll have to register, but that’s cool.  I have to register, too.

And be gentle. It’s my first time.

A Realization, A Decision

Something occured to me yesterday.  I was reading about Bush and Chavez and their respective talks at the UN, and I was looking at message boards discussing the whole ordeal, and I was getting pissed off over the whole thing.  I was sitting at my desk, fuming, when a sudden, calming sensation swept over me.  I realized something…

…And it changed my life.

See, I’m 29.  In less than six months, I’ll be 30.  Every ounce of scientific evidence suggests that my life is one third of the the way over, probably more so.  To tell the truth, I’m probably closer to halfway through with my life.

I don’t have time to worry about this bullshit.

Voting? No time. Tell me there’s a presidential candidate who’s not a career politician and actually gives half a shit about me, I might think about it. Getting all bent out of shape when some republican tells me I hate my country because I don’t think like he does?  No time.  Go bother somebody else.  God?  Sorry, man.  Don’t have time for you either.  I have a life to live, places to see.  Steaks to eat.  Stories to write.

The rest of life will be lived for me and my loved ones. Everybody else’s problems can take their place in line.  Maybe I’ll get to them, but I highly doubt it.  Got stuff to do, man!

First, I just gotta get through this workday.

An Experiment, or I must be an idiot.

So I have this story idea about forced insomnia, somebody staying awake no matter what the cost. It made me think that I’ve only pulled maybe two all-nighters in my entire life.  No big deal, really.

So I’ve decided to do something stupid. 

This weekend, I won’t sleep at on Friday or Saturday night.  I’ll be writing or reading or jumping up and down.  Anything to keep myself awake.  I’ll go to sleep sometime on Sunday, then get up and go to bed Monday morning.  Later, I’ll sit down and write that goddamn story.

Yeah, this should be a blast.

Studio 60

Confession time.  I never watched Sports Night, and I’ve never seen an episode of The West Wing.  To me, Aaron Sorkin is just a bully who takes all the drama Emmys.  If it hadn’t been for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’s cast, I probably wouldn’t have given it the time of day.  Luckily, I did decide to give the show a shot, and I was blown away as a result.

Studio 60 sports dialogue that just crackles.  It really fires on all cylinders, chugging right along the entire time.  I come from a screenwriting background, as in I went to film school and never moved out West to give it a shot.  The point is, good dialogue is a must-have for me.  I love Lost, but every now and then the dialogue makes my eyes roll a little.  That didn’t happen with Studio 60.  It’s a great example of a show being carried by excellent dialogue and dynamite performances.  Looks like I’ve got a new show to watch.

Which makes me think about my fiction.  Right now, I’m reading Brian Keene’s The Rutting Season.  It’s a great book, full of incredible prose.  I wish I could write prose like that.  I tend to go for the dialogue, though.  When you all finally get a chance to read A Family Matter, you’ll see a few scenes I’m especially proud of, pages and pages of dialogue that (I feel) cuts like a knife.  Hope you guys get to see it.  Hope you guys get to see it real soon.

Breakfast at Hoover’s

Shawna was hungry when she woke up yesterday, so I suggested we go to Hoover’s Cooking for our early morning meal.  Why not, right?  It’s close, and I’ve been looking for another excuse to eat there.

Well, we arrive and sat down.  Shawna ordered the chicken etouffe and biscuits, and I ordered what I have now decided is the greatest breakfast in the world…

Chicken and pancakes.

A fried drumstick and breast, light, greasy, and a little sweet, with two pancakes about as big around as a human skull.  I came close to finishing it all, but not quite.  Can’t wait until payday, though.  Because I’m going back.

I’ll be back tomorrow or Wednesday with writing-related stuff.

A Busy Week

Not horrifically busy or anything, but more than enough to keep me occupied.  We’re determined to get out of this duplex and into a house that we own, so we’re getting the ball rolling on that.  Tough stuff, man.  Tough stuff.

The ball has started rolling on next year’s STAPLE!  We’ve got a tentative venue and a guest of honor (pretty damn impressive one, too).  We’ll probably be taking exhibitor registrations in a month or so, and with tables well below $100, we’re a deal you can’t beat!

Finally, been cranking on the new novel.  The first 10k words or so are vital, introducing characters and laying the groundwork for the rest of the book.  It’s the pilot episode of a television show or the first issue of a comic series.  Exciting times!  I’m hoping to spend most of the weekend pounding the keys on this weekend.

A Note on Today

I’m probably supposed to write a touching memorial about what happened five years ago.  I’m aware of what happened, and I’ll be the first to admit it was an incredible tragedy.

But before 2001, September 11 was my girlfriend’s birthday, and as far as I’m concerned, it still is.  I’d love to mourn, but I’d rather move forward, and I’m going to do that with her.

Thank you.

Football Addendum

– In Austin, football fans have been camped outside the Longhorns Stadium since Wednesday, waiting for the UT-OU game.

– The receptionist at the day job just danced through the research floor wearing a purple jersey and viking helmet, carrying a small radio that repeatedly screamed “Touchdown… VIKINGS!”

If I had a spork handy, I’d rape my eye sockets with it.