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So, last night was the premiere of Heroes, the other new show I’m giving a shot.  WHat can I say?  I just don’t have the patience to try out EVERY new show like my buddy Randy.  I pick a few … Continue reading

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The Weekend that Was

The Friday night chat went very well. Lotta fun and quite informative.  Thanks to Kelli Dunlap for herding and SHawn Richter for showing up! Some of you may be asking how the 48/sleepless experiment went.  Well, it didn’t.  I made … Continue reading

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FEAR order code and more

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 1  The Diamond code for Brian Keene’s FEAR is OCT063419.  Take that to your comic shop and order a bunch. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 2  Tonight, at 9PM EST I’ll be a guest at Brian Keene’s chatroom to talk about … Continue reading

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A Realization, A Decision

Something occured to me yesterday.  I was reading about Bush and Chavez and their respective talks at the UN, and I was looking at message boards discussing the whole ordeal, and I was getting pissed off over the whole thing.  … Continue reading

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An Experiment, or I must be an idiot.

So I have this story idea about forced insomnia, somebody staying awake no matter what the cost. It made me think that I’ve only pulled maybe two all-nighters in my entire life.  No big deal, really. So I’ve decided to do something … Continue reading

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Studio 60

Confession time.  I never watched Sports Night, and I’ve never seen an episode of The West Wing.  To me, Aaron Sorkin is just a bully who takes all the drama Emmys.  If it hadn’t been for Studio 60 on the … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Hoover’s

Shawna was hungry when she woke up yesterday, so I suggested we go to Hoover’s Cooking for our early morning meal.  Why not, right?  It’s close, and I’ve been looking for another excuse to eat there. Well, we arrive and … Continue reading

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A Busy Week

Not horrifically busy or anything, but more than enough to keep me occupied.  We’re determined to get out of this duplex and into a house that we own, so we’re getting the ball rolling on that.  Tough stuff, man.  Tough … Continue reading

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A Note on Today

I’m probably supposed to write a touching memorial about what happened five years ago.  I’m aware of what happened, and I’ll be the first to admit it was an incredible tragedy. But before 2001, September 11 was my girlfriend’s birthday, … Continue reading

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Football Addendum

- In Austin, football fans have been camped outside the Longhorns Stadium since Wednesday, waiting for the UT-OU game. – The receptionist at the day job just danced through the research floor wearing a purple jersey and viking helmet, carrying … Continue reading

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