Into the weekend

The last two weeks have been quite productive, and that makes me happy.  Finished up two new shorts.  Next I have to complete the next chapter of one of my collaborations.  I also need to brainstorm on a second collab and start outlining a third.  On top of all this, I need to get cracking on the second novel.

Where’s the first novel?  Patience.  These things move all slow-like.

Anyway, I probably won’t get to do much writing over the next few days, as the weekend will likely be filled with the joy of putting down new linoleum in the kitchen.  Sure, that shouldn’t take all weekend, but it involves me and tools, so it probably will.  I make it sound like I’m doing it myself, but that’s not true.  Shawna and her father are gonna tackling this sucker, as well.  Between the three of us, we should make short work of this little project.

Again… should.

Have a safe weekend, everybody.