A Busy Week

Not horrifically busy or anything, but more than enough to keep me occupied.  We’re determined to get out of this duplex and into a house that we own, so we’re getting the ball rolling on that.  Tough stuff, man.  Tough stuff.

The ball has started rolling on next year’s STAPLE!  We’ve got a tentative venue and a guest of honor (pretty damn impressive one, too).  We’ll probably be taking exhibitor registrations in a month or so, and with tables well below $100, we’re a deal you can’t beat!

Finally, been cranking on the new novel.  The first 10k words or so are vital, introducing characters and laying the groundwork for the rest of the book.  It’s the pilot episode of a television show or the first issue of a comic series.  Exciting times!  I’m hoping to spend most of the weekend pounding the keys on this weekend.