A Realization, A Decision

Something occured to me yesterday.  I was reading about Bush and Chavez and their respective talks at the UN, and I was looking at message boards discussing the whole ordeal, and I was getting pissed off over the whole thing.  I was sitting at my desk, fuming, when a sudden, calming sensation swept over me.  I realized something…

…And it changed my life.

See, I’m 29.  In less than six months, I’ll be 30.  Every ounce of scientific evidence suggests that my life is one third of the the way over, probably more so.  To tell the truth, I’m probably closer to halfway through with my life.

I don’t have time to worry about this bullshit.

Voting? No time. Tell me there’s a presidential candidate who’s not a career politician and actually gives half a shit about me, I might think about it. Getting all bent out of shape when some republican tells me I hate my country because I don’t think like he does?  No time.  Go bother somebody else.  God?  Sorry, man.  Don’t have time for you either.  I have a life to live, places to see.  Steaks to eat.  Stories to write.

The rest of life will be lived for me and my loved ones. Everybody else’s problems can take their place in line.  Maybe I’ll get to them, but I highly doubt it.  Got stuff to do, man!

First, I just gotta get through this workday.