So, last night was the premiere of Heroes, the other new show I’m giving a shot.  WHat can I say?  I just don’t have the patience to try out EVERY new show like my buddy Randy.  I pick a few to try every season, and maybe one of them sticks.

I liked Heroes.  It’s run very hot and cold with critics, and I’m not sure the public will stick around for it.  I don’t really expect it to last more than a season, but I’ve still got some hope.  The premise, that normal people find themselves with superpowers and that they might somehow be connected by destiny, is cool, if a little predictable.

The comic book touches are many, and all of them are fun.  My favorite is the subtitles for the Japanese character, Hiro.  They float around the charater’s head, and all their missing is the word balloon and tail.  It makes for a fun viewing experience, which was really all I’d hoped for.