The October Solution

Odds are, I’ve already documented my love of October.  I guess most of my love comes from Halloween, whic was always my favorite holiday.  A lot of it just comes from the season, though, the way the world darkens and grows the slightest bit creepy and strange.

Every year, I celebrate October by watching horror movies, at least one a week, culminating in the Halloween night double feature of April Fool’s Day and Dawn of the Dead.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a list of the movies I’ve already viewed, and those I plan to view in the coming weeks.


Hard Candy (Incredible!)
The Howling (Cheesy Fun)


The Devil’s Backbone
Halloween I & II
The Thing (Carpenter’s)
Night of the Living Dead (may pick up the Savini version and watch both!)
The Ring (American, which I like better because I suck)
Burnt Offerings
The Changeling
The Evil Dead

So, there you have it.  Enjoy your October!