This Weekend’s Horror Flicks

Got to watch three movies this weekend as part of my October extravaganza, each very different from the others.  Shall we recap?


Rob Zombie’s follow up to House of 1000 Corpses has one major difference from that movie… it doesn’t completely suck.  It still has its problems.  I don’t think Sheri Moon Zombie is a good actress, at least she doesn’t appear to be here.  Many of the other actors look to be having too good a time, forgetting that they’re supposed to be telling a story instead of over-acting.  Still, I was entertained.


Some friends of mine have been debating over whether or not this is a horror movie.  They decided it is, and I agree with them, but the movie only acts like a horror flick for the first half-hour or so, then it turns into something… else.  I’m not sure what, exactly.  Either way, it’s still a great movie.


This would be the fourth Japanese horror movie I’ve ever seen, and it was the first I didn’t like.  From what tiny amount of plot I was able to pick up on, I think red tape and loneliness will destroy the world or something like that.  Some good atmosphere in the first half, but then it gets lost.  At two hours, this is waaaaay too long for a horror movie.