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My Big Mouth

Between the hours of midnight and 6AM this morning, the temperature in Austin dropped close to forty degrees.  Sure, it’s happening across the country right now.  No big deal.  Down here, however, I have cornered myself. See, I tend to … Continue reading

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Concerning the use of fear

Not fear as a tool or anything like that, but fear as inspiration.  Let me explain. Okay, so if you write horror, you want to scare people.  Sure, other things go into it: story, character, the hope that your work … Continue reading

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Monday again?

I guess so.  Oh, well.  The extra day off was fun while it lasted. I spent the vast majority of Saturday finishing the second novel, typing THE END at 11:57PM.  I spent most of Sunday in a semi-comatose state.  And … Continue reading

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The Writing

A recent update on various writing whosits and whatsits… The new novel chugs along, rapidly approaching the end.  First draft will be done by the 30th. Artist possible found for a new comics project.  Won’t know for sure for a … Continue reading

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Comics vs. Novels, TV vs. Film

Been thinking about this lately.  All four are great media for storytelling, and each has its own strength and weeknesses.  I wanted to talk about that a little bit, maybe get your own thoughts on the subject.  This is just … Continue reading

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Bookstore now open!

For those looking to buy my books, look no further!  On the right side of the page you’ll now find a link to the new bookstore.  From there, you can find my books and several online stores that carry them.  … Continue reading

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Making Noise

Been a quiet week.  Sorry about that.  Chugging along on the new novel, trying to finish it up by November 30th.  We’ll see how that goes.  Optimistic so far. In order to give you folks something to read, here’s some … Continue reading

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Neurotic Writer Dreams

My friend Mike Oliveri already posted a fun entry on The Neuroses of Writers, but after the dream I had last night, I feel I can contribute. So, last night I dreamed all the horror writers lived in one booze-fueled … Continue reading

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Heath Ledger is The Joker

This has been news for months now, but Heath Ledger will be playing The Joker in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins. If you want (and this is a huge if), go check out this interview with Heath.  Maybe … Continue reading

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I Voted…

…because I didn’t want to be bored while Shawna voted.  Yay me.

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