What Happened to Halloween?

Zero.  That’s how many kids knocked on our door Halloween night.  That’s how many kids wanted candy from the Southard household.  We had the lights up, the jack-olantern, the spiderwebs on the shrubs and the skeleton hanging from the door, and still not one trick or treater thought to give us a try.

What happened? I remember neighborhoods crawling with children on the hunt for treats.  Large roving gangs of costumed hooligans toting pillow cases filled to the top.  At first, I thought it was me, but a lot of folks I know are reporting less that five trick or treaters at their door.  That’s just wrong!  Is Arbor Day the new cool holiday or something?

I just don’t understand.

One thought on “What Happened to Halloween?

  1. That used to happen to us all the time at the last house we lived in. We’d see 2-3, tops, yet a decent crowd was moving up and down the street. Turns out up there the kids and parents only went to houses of people they knew. I could hear ’em through the window: they’d be next door, then say “Okay, let’s go to Mr. So-and-so’s house.”

    This year we were out trick-or-treating so we didn’t stay home to give out candy, but the street was packed and I didn’t catch anyone getting choosy. I suspect it’s a neighborhood thing.

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