Reaching a decision

Yeah, I think I’m done with Lost.  It’s not that I think it’s taken a sharp downturn in quality or anything, but it is treading water.  I’m just getting bored with it.  Hell, I’ve been bored with it.  I think the fact that I haven’t even cracked open the 2nd season DVD set is evidence enough of that. 

I do have some level of dissatisfaction with the show.  It used to be “Strangers trapped on a terrifying island.” I used to get scared when characters would enter the jungle, because you never knew what might happen to them.  Then, it got to the point where whenever somebody entered the jungle, you’d wonder if they’d run into Hurley’s food stash.  For me, the show has strayed from its premise enough that I don’t care anymore, which is always a bad sign when fiction is involved.

So this means all of my television watching takes place on Monday.  That’s great.  It means I don’t have to worry about writing around shows two nights a week.  A relief, really.

I’ll say goodbye to Lost with next week’s cliffhanger.  I might rent the third season when it hits DVD.  Until then, it’s been fun.

1 thought on “Reaching a decision

  1. I may not be far behind. For all the hype of “This changes everything!” it’s certainly been a boring “season.” And then they’re going to go on a six-week hiatus? It’s like they’re trying to torpedo the show intentionally.

    Ben confessing they were screwing with Jack and his plan was ruined and please fix my back and wha wha wha was the shark jump.

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