The Five Week Marker

As of today, I’ve been sober for five weeks.  I haven’t lasted this long in about six years or so.  It feels good.  My writing output has been way up.  Aside from going to bed earlier, I certainly can’t think of any negatives. 

I’m on a diet/exercise pseudo-plan now, as well.  We’ll see how long it takes to shed some of these pounds.

Been doing some research on the various sobriety programs out there, and I’m shocked at how many of them completely remove personal responsibility from the equation.  One (I’ll just say The Big One) does everything but come out and say “It’s hopeless.  You suck.  Bottom’s up.”  It’s creepy.  I think I’ll just stick to my whole “not going to the liquor store” idea.

2 thoughts on “The Five Week Marker

  1. You should read my accounts of the Cult Classes (Otherwise known as court ordered Drug and Alcohol Classes) from after my DWI. Those folks are enough to make anyone want to drink.

    (Yay for comments by the way!)

  2. Yeah, that’s weird. It doesn’t take much thought or philosophical background to figure out that every important thing in life is about decision, therefore, responsibility. Anyhoo, congrats.

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