Making Noise

Been a quiet week.  Sorry about that.  Chugging along on the new novel, trying to finish it up by November 30th.  We’ll see how that goes.  Optimistic so far.

In order to give you folks something to read, here’s some pop culture thoughts.

READ: DMZ.  Brian Wood and Ricardo Burchielli’s comic book about Manhattan Island during a modern civil war has some of the best art and character work going.  They’ve just started a new story arc, providing a great jumping-on point.  Probably the only monthly book I still buy.

WATCH: SUPERNATURAL.  Yeah, it’s a CW series about two pretty boys fighting evil.  It’s shockingly good, though, with excellent chemistry between the two leads and an unusual visual style that I enjoy very much.  Manages to be genuinely frightening every now and again.

LISTEN: SUPERCHUNK “Here’s to Shutting Up”.  The final full length of all original material from this great Indie band.  A great blend of full-on rock and softer material.  “Art Class” and “Florida’s on Fire” are highlights.