The Writing

A recent update on various writing whosits and whatsits…

The new novel chugs along, rapidly approaching the end.  First draft will be done by the 30th.

Artist possible found for a new comics project.  Won’t know for sure for a little while, but very hopeful.

Just signed a contract for a short comics project.  First spec script I ever sold.

As mentioned on Pod of Horror, I’m collaborating on projects with Steven Shrewsbury and Mike McBride.  This is all part of my “raise my profile by latching onto more recognizable writers” plan.  Anyway, the first collab with Shrews, the post Civil War horror story Hell Billy, is publisher hopping right now.  Our second collab, which I’ll just say features the greatest team-up EVER, is being picked over by Shrews before it hits my desk.  Killing Frequency, the book I’m writing with Mike, is waiting for my next chapter.  We have maybe four chapters to go, then a rewrite.  We’ll see how it goes.

Fear files are on their way to the printer.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.  Let’s all get fat together!