Top 10 Reads of the Year

Sure, it’s a little early, but I don’t know if I’ll be updating this sucker between Christmas and New Year, so I thought I’d dive right in.  I should mention that some of these books are not new, but I’m still playing catch up.

1. DARK HARVEST by Norman Partridge.  I met Partidge at World Horror this year, and I fell in love with his fiction immediately.  Part smalltown coming-of-age story, part gut-wrenching horror, this wins best book of the year hands down.

2. THE RUTTING SEASON by Brian Keene.  Brian puts out his most heartfelt book yet, and it’s also one of his most horrific.  When a town is terrorized by a Satyr, a group of ragtag friends need to find their own magic to defeat it.

3. DMZ: ON THE GROUND by Brian Wood and Ricardo Burchielli.  In a New York City plagued by Civil War, Matty Roth finds himself stranded as the ultimate imbedded journalist.  Grim, powerful, and human.  Some of Wood’s finest work to date.

4. WEED SPECIES by Jack Ketchum.  The flat and brutal delivery of this slim and mean novella serves to strengthen the horror within.  Based on the Homolka murders, but with that dark Ketchum style.

5. THE ABANDONED by Douglas Clegg.  The last Harrow House book?  Clegg lets it all rip, here, turning a quiet town into a  home for madmen and monsters of all kinds.  Excellent from start to finish.

6. ZERO by Michael McBride.  Sorry folks, this one’s out of print.  A creepy story of the perversion of science.  The best we’ve seen out of McBride so far.

7. DAVEDEVIL: THE DEVIL IN CELLBLOCK D by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark.  Collected as The Devil, Inside and Out, Ed Brubaker takes over the title and puts Daredevil in prison, then kills off a major character (in a good way!).  A great story about a character I normally don’t like so much.

8. THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND SINS by Wrath James White.  Wrath is a philosopher, family man, pro fighter, giant, and all around scary dude.  This collection of his short fiction does everything from horrify to invoke squirming to inspire quiet contemplation.  One of the best collections I’ve read in years.

9. ONLY CHILD by Andrew Vachss.  Burke returns in style.  Another hard-hitting story of crime, corruption, and things never meant to see the light of day from the man who’s one part writer, twenty parts crusader.

10. OPERATOR B by Edward Lee.  The gross out king does sci-fi, and he knocks it out of the park.  This trim novella tells the story of the Air Force test pilot assigned to fly a mission in a captured alien ship, and the hell it puts him through.

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