Random Thought and Observations on this Fine Wednesday

Some blips on my Brain Radar today…

How did rollerderby get popular again?

Better yet, who thought up the rules for rollerderby?

Why are brunettes so much more awesome than blondes?

Will any of my blonde friends hate me for that comment?

Why do I crave fried chicken once every two weeks?

Can I afford to fly to LA to see The Twilight Singers perform on Jimmy Kimmel?

Has any woman who wasn’t a stripper or wearing a halloween costume ever worn fishnets?

Where does Leslie Cochran sleep at night?

Is Lindsey Lohan proof of Satan?

Should I get Shawna’s dad a different Christmas gift?

Damn, I’d like to go sledding.

Is Superchunk ever going to tour again?

How much would it cost to hire bodyguards for Keene and myself for STAPLE!?  Y’know, just for shits and giggles.

Could I con Shawna and her friends into doing it?

Could I get them to wear suits and sunglasses?  Because that would be both cool and hot.

Is Shawna gonna punch me in the face for this?

Would that turn me on?

Probably not.  It would probably just hurt.

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