There went 2006

Yeah, I got 2.5 days left in this year, so I figured I’d better do a bit of a round up.  Other writers might have a better wrap up, as they won’t be so Nate-centric, but I wanted to put this up anyway. 

So here goes.

Writing-wise, 2006 was my best year so far.  The years started off right, with stories appearing at Aoife’s Kiss, Wicked Karnival, and The Late Late Show.  I place a short in an anthology for the first time: Gods and Monsters, which is still available, by the way!  If you haven’t picked up a copy, then move your ass!

A Trip to Rundberg officially became my most successful book, continually selling from Frequency Press and Shocklines.

Through my travels to the Borderlands Press Boot Camp, World Horror Con, and Horrorfind, I met a lot of great people, both writers and fans, who I now consider friends.  You all know who you are.  Oliveri, it would greatly help if you would show up to one of these things so I can buy you a shot or two.  

I was also mistaken for Nate Kenyon six times.  I hope he puts a disclaimer of some kind on his next round of Bloodstone advertising. 

I finished my first novel and started my second.  I wrote two novellas.  Worked on three more novellas with other writers.  I have no idea how many new short stories I wrote.  More than a few.

I had my first public reading, and I sold a short because of it.  More news on that once it inches closer to publication.  I will say it’s a new Rundberg story.

I had a great year with Shawna, as we’ve now been together more than six years.

I lost more hair and gained a few inches around the belly.  I did, however, lose some of the beer weight around my face.  That was nice.

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  1. Hey man, congrats. I’m glad you had a successful year – I’m glad I was part of it. I feel the same way too, that things went well this year and I think things are going to start being amazing next year for both of us. Certainly, I’m sure I wanna read the new short you’ve got brewing (say do you need a cover or spot illos for it – I’ll do it for your christmas/birthday/president’s day gift! Uh, you guys give presents out on president’s day, don’t you??)

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, buddy!

    blue skies,

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