Read This!: The Losers

The Losers
By Andy Diggle and Jock

So let me ask you this… Do you like intrigue?  Action?  Engaging characters? A story so full of twists and turns you get motion sickness just reading it? 

If you answered yes to any of those, then you should pick up The Losers.

The Losers was a Vertigo comic series that was later collected in five trade paperbacks: Ante Up, Double Down, Trifecta, Close Quarters, and Endgame.  The Losers of the title are a group of military special operatives who were presumed dead when a mission went horribly wrong.  They learned something on that mission, however, something that makes them want to strike back at the CIA and the illusive agent Max who seems to be behind it all.

Diggle does incredible character work, from the always entertaining computer expert Jensen to the cold-as-steel Aisha to the scarred, silent Cougar, the cast of The Losers is one of the best in recent history.  The final chapters might just make you tear up a little.

And action.  No creative team does over the top action like Diggle and Jock.  They’ll have you biting your nails before you even realize it.

If there’s any complaint about the book, it’s the numerous fill-in artists who dot its run.  For a series that only ran three years, Jock sure seemed to be busy doing other things.  Let’s face it, the days of consistent artists are over.

Recommendation: Strong.  Pick up The Losers.  Start at Ante Up and work your way straight through.  You won’t regret it.