Read This!: Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams
By Norman Partridge

No writer has amazed me more in the past year than Partridge, and I’m happy to report Wildest Dreams is another in a long line of good reads Norm has written.

Clay Saunders is a bad man, a killer for hire who walks in both worlds at once. To him, the realm of ghosts is just as real and important as that of the living.  His latest target is satanic cult leader Diabolos Whistler, and when he delivers the old man’s head to heir to the empire Circe he meets the ghost of a little girl, spends a night of passion with Circe, and finds her butchered the next morning… or was it really her?

Partridge isn’t a punch-puller, but he delivers his blows with a skill few others possess, delivering well-placed jabs instead of desperate haymakers.  His prose hypnotizes even as it gets your blood pumping.  Saunders is a great character, as are the others who populate this short novel.  As events spiral out of control, the story only grows tighter.  For those who like their hard boiled with a sprinkle of the supernatural, Wildest Dreams is for you.

Recommendation: Strong-to-Very Strong. Copies are still available for cover price at Clarkesworld, while used copies are already showing up with triple-digit price tags.  Grab one while you can!