One Last Song up for pre-order

Good buddy Shawn Richter (Drive, A Trip to Rundberg) has a new books with CJ Hurtt available for pre-order from comic shops every where. From the book’s website…

In 2046, American media personalities must obtain an officially sanctioned “performance card” or face internment in “terror aversion camps”. Musician Amanda Casey is a rebel spreading the truth about her government’s corruption via seemingly innocent love songs. What she doesn’t know is that the government thinks her message is just the thing to keep the people under control. This is the story of a dreamer’s fight against a police state for a free society even as she herself becomes co-opted, another brand name to sell to the masses.

A four page preview of the book can be found here. The Diamond order code is FEB073275.  Just go to your local comic shop, give them this code, and tell them it’s for the book One Last Song, published by Brain Scan Comics.  Order a bunch.  Shawn’s one of the good guys.