It’s all Randy Lander’s Fault.

Randy Lander has destroyed my dreams. 

See, two years ago he convinced me to go to the Veronica Mars panel at Comic-Con.  To be fair, my tired feet played just as big a role, but I’m not trying to be fair here.

I liked what I saw at that panel.  There was a highlight clip that made the show look very entertaining.  I put the disks in my netflix queue, where they lingered for two years off and on (this tells you a bit about my netflix habits).  Then Randy gets the first season DVD set and lets me borrow it.  See?!  I told you it was his fault!

So, I watched the first season.  An hour after I’d finished the set, I ran to Best Buy to buy the second season.  Watched that one in just over a weekend.  Yeah, I’m hooked.  I’m not proud.

But where’s the dream stuff come into play? you ask.

Right here.

Last night I had a Veronica Mars dream.  Ooh! you say.  Nate makes sexy time with Veronica and/or Mac!  Awesome! No dice.  My dream involves Veronica and her dad looking at my high school transcripts and encouraging me to be a better person.  What a rip off!  If that wasn’t bad enough, I then dreamed about going to an algebra class and trying to apply their lessons and encouragement. 

How is that Randy’s fault? you might be asking yourself.  Because I say it is.  That’s how.  And because when I started this entry, I thought it might be entertaining.  I see now I was wrong.

So I’m going to sleep tonight, Randy, and if I don’t dream about being in a bubble bath with Veronica, Mac, Lilly, and Kendall, I’m gonna punch you dead in the throat.

See ya Friday, buddy!