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Looking down the barrel of 30

Tomorrow, February 23rd, 2007, I will be thirty years old.  Some folks get depressed as 30 begins to loom over them.  They feel they haven’t reached their goals, aren’t successful enough, or any number of other things that make them … Continue reading

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Read This!: Graphic Novel Round Up

Fables: Wolves By Bill Willingham Willingham continues his tale of Fables stranded in the real (or mundane) world in one of the best books on the stands.  The issues included in WOlves, however, are little more than a button on … Continue reading

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How to destroy something perfect in only 1.5 hours

Author’s Note: Shawna normally hates it when I mention her here, but I have a feeling she’ll appreciate this one.  In fact, I have a feeling I’ll have to sleep on the couch for the next month if I don’t … Continue reading

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STAPLE! just around the corner

STAPLE! Austin’s own independent comics and art convention, is just over three weeks away.  We’ve got a great line up of guests this year.  You owe it to yourself to check out the website, and you should really think about … Continue reading

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Read This!: The Road

The Road By Cormac McCarthy Bleak?  You wanna talk about bleak?  Well, look no further, my friends.  Cormac McCarthy is here to let you know you don’t have the slightest fucking idea what bleak means. The Road tells the story … Continue reading

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One of those days

I get like this sometimes.  I’m like this most of the time.  “Like” how? Frustrated, depressed, anxious, angry, charged, paranoid, desperate, and a millions more adjectives that might have negative connotations. It’s the writer’s lot. Every minute I spend not … Continue reading

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Learning to speak Texan

No, I’m not about to go on a screed about “y’all” and the like.  This is just a long term observation culminating in a fun story. When I moved to Austin back in 1999, I was informed by my sister … Continue reading

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Read This!: Ghoul

Ghoul By Brian Keene Where do monsters come from?  Are they terrible creatures that haunt the night, feasting on the dead and the dying with their talons and fangs?  Or are they closer to home?  Are they the angry, drunken … Continue reading

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Read This!: World War Z

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War By Max Brooks Maybe I should list this as a “Hear This!” because I bought this as an audiobook.  You can judge for yourself. Written by Max Brooks, author of … Continue reading

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Congrats, Norm!

Excellent news coming down the wire today. Dark Harvest, the book some of you might remember as my number one book of 2006, has been picked up by TOR books to be published in paperback.  This September, just in time … Continue reading

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