Learning to speak Texan

No, I’m not about to go on a screed about “y’all” and the like.  This is just a long term observation culminating in a fun story.

When I moved to Austin back in 1999, I was informed by my sister that I have to watch how I pronounce certain words.  Guadalupe, for instance, is pronounced Guadaloop.  Burnet, a street in town, is Burn-It.  Machaka is Manshak (I’m still not sure I’ve got this one right).  New Orleans is Nawlins, and Smith is pronounced pickle.  It can be quite confusing, especially if you have at least a first grade education.

This dovetails nicely into the story of La Poplar.  La Poplar is a taco place in Abilene that Shawna’s dad has been raving about since I met him.  Everytime somebody heads to Abilene, they have to make a stop at La Poplar and bring back tacos for Shawna’s dad.  If he goes to Abilene, he takes orders for everybody else.

Well, Wednesday sent Shawna and her family to Abilene, so I decided to order some tacos from the famed La Poplar and asked Shawna to report back if this taco stand was built out of gold or something.  Shawna’s debriefing started out like this…

“Well first off, I learned the place is really called La Popular.”

So there you have it, friends and neighbors.  Just drop random letters from any word, and you too can speak Texan.