Read This!: Graphic Novel Round Up

Fables: Wolves
By Bill Willingham

Willingham continues his tale of Fables stranded in the real (or mundane) world in one of the best books on the stands.  The issues included in WOlves, however, are little more than a button on previous events meant to prepare the reader for the next great tale.  There’s some strong characters work, and it’s worth the read, but it feels a little hollow.  Bonus points for the script reprinted in the back.

Recommendation: Moderate-to-Strong

DMZ: Body of a Journalist
By Brian Wood

As much as I enjoyed the first DMZ trade, the series really hits its stride here.  Stranded photojournalist Matty Roth must save another journalist before a tenuous cease fire is broken.  Wood really ratchets up the tension over the course of the story.  Incredible stuff.

Recommendation: Very Strong

Captain America: Winter Soldier and Red Menace
By Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker has done the impossible by making me care about Captain America.  With an emphasis on intrigue and inner demons, Brubaker pulls Cap kicking and screaming into present day, making him matter once again.  An incredible action comic.

Recommendation: Very Strong