STAPLE! recovery

Just dropped Keene off at the airport.  I’m fuckin’ beat.  I can’t how many times yesterday Keene said, “Dude, you look fucking beat!”  I was then, and I am now.  I can no longer deny my current state by telling myself I have allergies.  I’m tired as hell, and I have a cold.

The weekend was awesome, though.  Picked up Brian on Friday (after he forgot to catch his Thursday flight). Got to hang out for a few hours before rushing back to the aiport to pick up Danielle Corsetto.  Did the pre-party at Austin Books, where I met Lee Thomas.  STAPLE! was a good show.  A little softer than previous years, but still great.  Got to meet Angelina Hawkes and Chris Fulbright,  Michael Lovell and OTFW (that’s a message board ID).  All in all a great weekend.  I just need to recover!