Read This!: The Keep

The Keep
By F Paul Wilson

There’s a lot going on in this one.  So much so that I’m gonna let Wilson’s website describe it to you.  See you below!

In the spring of 1941, a message is received from a German Army commander stationed in a remote castle high in the Transylvanian Alps: “Something is murdering my men.” Immediately an SS extermination squad is sent to destroy whatever enemy dares challenge the might of the Third Reich. And the battle is joined.

But not with a human enemy. The ultimate evil created by man faces a terror more dreadful than its own. The killer cannot be seen or heard, but it can suck all the light and warmth from a room, select its victim in the darkness, and leave a bloodless, mutilated corpse. One victim a night, over and over.

The two German officers despise each other. One is a Nazi, the other is a loyal German who hates everything the Nazis stand for. But they do agree on one thing-outside help must be sought. They summon an expert on the history and folklore of the region, and soon the enfeebled Dr. Cuza arrives at the keep with his daughter Magda. Ironically, they’re both Jews.

And unknown to anyone, another is on his way to the keep. A man who awoke from a nightmare and immediately began a long and dangerous journey across Europe toward the place that called him, toward the destiny he must meet.

Published in 1981, this one’s a classic.  It’s a wonderful intro to Wilson’s work, and everybody should give it a read.  The characters are bold and complex (when Wilson manages to give a Nazi officer a slice of humanity, you know he’s a good writer).

The plot moves like a freight train, which is almost shocking because there’s so much going on.  It could have easily become an unweildy beast in the hands of a lesser writer, but Wilson has a deft touch, and he manages to keep us turning the pages from start to finish.

Recommendation: Very Strong.  This one’s considered a classic, folks.  Give it a read.