Norm Partridge wants me dead

That’s the only explanation I can think of.

See, this all started a week ago.  I’d asked Norm-who I met way back at World Horror last year-to read a novella of mine.  Well, I heard back from Norm last week.  He loved the book and agreed to blurb it. 

But then he said it…

“If I have any problem with this, it’s that it reads like the first act of a novel.”


Seconds after reading that, the gears started to turn in my head.  Norm thinks I have a great chance of selling the book at novel length during World Horror.

World Horror is in three weeks.

Three weeks to write a novel.  That’s 60,000 words (at least) added onto a novella while working forty hour weeks and attempting to buy a house.  I figure 2000-3000 words a night on weeknights, while shooting for 5000-6000 a day on weekends.  Ouch!

Norm, if I die you have to help Shawna move.