Bits, some Kibble

– The next Read This! should go live this weekend or Monday.  It reviews David Wellington’s Monster Island.

– So Captain America died this week.  No, I didn’t buy a copy.  I’m getting Cap in trades.  I did think about buying a copy for ebay purposes, but decided against it.  Just seems crass to me.  I did enjoy the Fox news pundit saying “It’s wrong to kill Captain America when our nation is at war.”  Silly people are fun!

– Latest trailer for Rodriguez and Tarantino’s Grindhouse has been released. It looks fun, sure, but I’m in no way excited about it.  I’m afraid it’ll be like Kill Bill or Sin City, where five minutes in I’m thinking Okay, I get the hook, and then I get to sit there bored for the next two hours.  The think the problem lies with the directors.  Rodriguez is an idea guy.  His stuff tends to fall apart in practice.  Tarantino can write great dialogue, but when he strays from banter he gets a bit dicey.  This one will be a rental.

– STAPLE! is almost a week past, and I’m still feeling the effects.  Coughing and hacking and blowing my nose every few minutes.  I think there’s a metric ton of mucous in my system, and it’s trying to eat me from the inside like The Stuff.

– Three weeks from now, I’ll be in Toronto, continuing con season with the whirlwind of activity that is World Horror.  Sadly, this year’s con appears to be organized by bitter chimps, but I’m not gnona let that get me down.

– Take care of yourselves this weekend.