Read This!: Monster Island

Monster Island
By David Wellington

The dead have taken over Manhattan, and one of them–a formermed student–has managed to hold onto his intellect.  A UN weapons inspector arrives with an army of teenage Somali girls, looking for the medicine that might save their warlord and by extention his daughter life.

This is the world of Wellington’s Monster Island, a novel that first appeared for free online (it’s still out there!) and has since taken the genre by storm.  While I hesitate to pronounce Wellington the new master of the zombie (there seems to be a new one every three weeks or so), I will proclaim this to be a damn fine book.

Wellington writes at a break-neck speed, using tight, short chapters to keep the story moving.  The action is steady without being over the top.  The characters are entertaining and three dimensional.  To top it all off, Wellington has some fun new ideas for this horror sub-senre, and they’re fun as all hell.

Recommendation: Very Strong.  If you don’t feel like shelling out some green, go find the book online.  It’s at Wellington’s homepage.