Saw 300 last night.  I’m now taking my second stab at reviewing it, as the first draft was far to bitchy.

In short, 300 is quality mindless entertainment.  And I do mean mindless.  I think the DVD should be packaged with Porkies and Nightmare on Elm Street and sold on every street corner.

Is it historicaly accurate?  Nah!  This isn’t an historical epic, though.  It’s an action movie based on a comic book.  If nothing else, I think the nu-metal score shows that. 

I went into the theater last night expecting to see one thing: cool, looking fights.  300 delivered that in spades.  They could have slapped black trench coats on everybody and made it the official Matrix sequel, it was so cool.  I wanted to wrestle elephants afterward.

So, yeah.  Go see 300.  Turn off your brain watch men stab each other to death.  It’ll be fun!

2 thoughts on “300

  1. That’s what I figured it’d be, so I haven’t bothered to go see it (I’ll wait for the trade -er I mean, dvd). I saw Ghost Rider on Saturday and it lived up to my expectations, that is to say, not much. But it was fun buttered popcorn entertainment. Have you seen it yet?

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