Read This: Vampire Outlaw of the Milky Way

Vampire Outlaw of the Milky Way
By Weston Ochse

(Vampire Outlaw) is the story of an autistic child who speaks in his own brand of Fred Flintstone language, his soulmate, Monray da Kine, intersteller bounty hunter and vampire outlaw, and the unique bond they form across the galaxy.

Weston Ochse is one of the three creative minds behind Muy Mal, and a great writer on every level.  His Scary Rednecks collection with David Whitman is practically required reading.  He is truly one of the new great writers.

And it saddens me that I can’t give Vampire Outlaw a high recommendation.

The ingredients are there.  Heartfelt angst simmers next to amazing pulp action.  The mythology Weston has created is marvelous, full of one-eyed aliens andd undead laborers.  On the whole, though, it just doesn’t seem to come together into as strong a package as it should have.

If you want to check out Weston’s work, head over to Muy Mal and read his Chronicles of the Black Bishop. 

Recommendation: Moderate.