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Change and Comfort Albums

This morning, I grabbed my copy of That Dog’s Retreat from the Sun on my way out the door.  It’s been more than a few years since I listened to this record, and I’ve just been struck by how important … Continue reading

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Read This!: The Dead Letters

The Dead Letters By Tom Piccirilli Five years ago, Eddie Whitt’s daughter became the first victim of a serial killer known as Killjoy. Whitt never stopped searching for him&–not after the police gave up, not after Killjoy began sending him … Continue reading

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The Big Move

Sorry. I didn’t mean for the gross out entry to sit at the top for so long.  I hope my mother didn’t stop by any during the last week.  That would be awkward. And I’m sorry updates have been realtively … Continue reading

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My Lover Smells Like Roses

Presenting, for your amusement, my 2007 World Horror Gross-Out contest entry.  Do not read immediately before, during, or after eating.  In fact, maybe it would be better if you just skipped this entry altogether. My Lover Smells Like Roses By … Continue reading

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The creepiest moment of my life

I’m supposed to have a high threshold on the creep-o-meter.  It’s in the job description, and any sign of weakness can have my membership to the horror writers’ association revoked. But damn, this gave me the “I’m so terrified I … Continue reading

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My Job, Our Job

Interesting email in my inbox this morning.  A friend read a story of mine and left feedback.  Great!  I love feedback!  It makes me a better writer, after all.  I could use more of it, in all honesty. But then I … Continue reading

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Read This!: Psycho

Psycho By Robert Bloch You know the story of Norman Bates and his darling mother, of the woman who came to the Bates Motel one cold, rainy night to take her last shower. Have you read the book, though?  Because … Continue reading

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Charity Auction

Check this out. This is a jacket signed by just about every writer attending the World Horror Con (yours truly included).  It’s now being auctioned off for a good cause, so give it a look.

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New Short Story Up!

The First issue of Horror Literature Quarterly has gone live, and it contains my short story “Insomnia Is My Only Friend.”  This is probably my favorite short to date, so go please check it out.  It’s free, after all!

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World Horror 2007, A Comedy in Seven Days

Tuesday Flight two hours late leaving, although United lists it as on time right up until we board an hour and forty-five minutes late. Minh and Shrews meet me at Chicago O’Hare after I spend 45 minutes thinking “In front … Continue reading

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