Read This!: Conscience

By John Skipp

What if you were confronted by your conscience?  Not in that whole stab of guilt way, but if your conscience was an actual person that looked just like you and wanted you to be a better person.  Well, that just happened to hitman Charley Weber, and he’s a little freaked out by it.

Only Charley isn’t the only guy suddenly faced with his own conscience.  It’s happening all over.  Charley’s just an extreme example.  What does it all mean, and what’s Weber gonna do about it?

Conscience is a lot of novel in a small package.  The entire story can be read in about two hours.  Skipp’s prose moves like Leonard after three lines of coke.  He brings both his characters and their setting to grim, gray life.

I found myself craving more once I’d finished Conscience, and that’s cool.  The book contains several short stories and an unproduced screenplay as bumper material, and every one of those stories is just as good as the lead.  All in all, a great package from a great writer.

Recommendation: Very High.