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The Myspace Interview

(Note: This was originally posted to my Myspace Page.  Feel free to take part, but all questions must be submitted through myspace.) This could be a good idea or a crap idea.  Only time will tell… Since the reader drive … Continue reading

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Post-Weekend Update

No, I didn’t finish the wall.  I’d rather punch myself in the face over and over again.

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TV Thoughts, Squeezable Butts, and Other Weekend Dispatches

The last two weeks have been full of various season finales. Officially, I only loved The Office season ender. Can’t wait for that show to come back. Guess I should throw a spoiler alert up for the rest of this. … Continue reading

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The Allergies, The Work, and The Bad Idea

I never used to have allergies.  I was even tested once–fifty or so pin pricks in my back testing me for everything from grass to cat dander to cigarette smoke.  I was found to have absolutely zero allergies. Then I … Continue reading

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Read This!: Graphic Novel Round Up 2

Ladies and gentlemen, a selection of the graphic novels I’ve picked my way through in the last month… Hellblazer (The Azzarello arc) By Brian Azzarello and various artists Before he was an idiot with a golden, cross-shaped shotgun played by … Continue reading

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Music Festivals, Caving In, and Creative Displays of Displeasure

I live in Austin, home of the annual ACL Festival–three days of country, hip hop, soul, rock, hipster, electronic, and blues bands.  The festival has become a national fixture, and the lineup has just gotten better year after year. And … Continue reading

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Read This!: Closing Time

Closing Time By Jack Ketchum Ketchum is probably my favorite writer today, so news that he had a new short story collection on the way was fantastic.  While the $50 price tag is far too much for the casual reader, … Continue reading

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The Prose Comic Book

There’s a fun little poser I’ve been thinking about lately, and sometimes I like to think out loud.  Indulge me, will you? For a hungry young writer, there can be some tough decisions to make.  Say you’ve got a story … Continue reading

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WordPress Help Needed

I’m kind of a computer idiot, so I need some help.  I’m trying to find a way to shift the “Writers” link category toward the top of the right hand side of this page.  Any suggestions, or do I just … Continue reading

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Preparing for another culinary adventure

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, I love to eat.  It’s my favorite hobby.  Well, maybe my second fav.  My top would be cooking.  I looove to cook.  I’m not too great at it, but I’m constantly striving … Continue reading

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