The Allergies, The Work, and The Bad Idea

I never used to have allergies.  I was even tested once–fifty or so pin pricks in my back testing me for everything from grass to cat dander to cigarette smoke.  I was found to have absolutely zero allergies.

Then I moved to Austin.

Something like three hundred times a year, these giant clouds of pollen, mold, or fungus drift out of the trees and create a giant allergen carpet.  At least four times a year, I suffer from allergies so horrible I want to move to Antarctica where there is no pollen.   Just for the record, I am both pissed and bitter over this.  If you haven’t guessed, I’m sitting here thinking like that little girl in the cough syrup commercial who keeps saying “It’ll hurt if I swallow.”  I also coughed a few minutes ago and spent half a minute choking on my own bile and mucous.  Lovely!


Writing is moving along as I try to get back in the swing of things post moving into the house.  Still one large home project to finish, but allergies, a medical emergency, and general laziness has delayed the wall we’re trying to finish.  I should just do it tonight.

Right, so back to the work.

Cranking away on a novellette right now.  Fun stuff.  It’s a little weirder than anything I’ve done in the past.  Any luck you’ll all get to read it sooner rather than later.  I think you’ll dig it.  Once this is finished, I’ve got some stuff to rewrite.  We’ll see what happens after that.


And now for the bad idea.  Last Friday, I was driving with Shawna, heading to College Station to go see my friend’s band play.  It wasn’t a bad drive, little traffic-heavy.  Anyway, we’re tooling along Highway 21 when I turn to Shawna and spout off the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.

“I think I’m going to record an album this summer.”

Shawna, bless her heart, responded with a “Cool.”

I’ve looked into it, and I could do it on the cheap for about $300-$400.  I’ve heard of worse deals.  So now I’ve just got to see if I want to put my crappy little speck of musical talent on tape.  Maybe the more intelligent half of my brain will prevail.

Lord, help us all.