TV Thoughts, Squeezable Butts, and Other Weekend Dispatches

The last two weeks have been full of various season finales. Officially, I only loved The Office season ender. Can’t wait for that show to come back. Guess I should throw a spoiler alert up for the rest of this.

I enjoyed the twenty minutes or so that I saw of the Lost finale. I got to watch Charlie die, Locke kill somebody with a knife, and Sayid break a dude’s neck with his legs. What’s not to love about that? Well, there’s Jack’s fake beard, I guess, but the flash forward concept has my interest stirred. Maybe I’ll watch this next year. I’m sure three episodes in they’ll forget all about moving the plot forward again, but it’s worth a shot.

The Heroes finale: meh. If you’re going to have a superhero smackdown, you should probably make it, y’know, super. Standing around isn’t that exciting.

Goodbye, Veronica Mars. We’ll miss you.

Do I really watch so few shows?

Oh. The American Idol finale. I was in and out of the room for this one. Well, I ran into the room when I heard Kelly Clarkson (the most beautiful woman on Earth that I’m not currently in a relationship with) singing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I’m just gonna lay it out on the line right now. If anybody out there can arrange it so I can squeeze Kelly’s ass for ten consecutive seconds, I will write them an 80,000 word novel of their choosing. Thank you.

So the weekend’s here (it’s a long one, yay!), and I’m booked up. Gotta finish that wall, because I damn near ruined it a few days ago. Have to enter some notes on a manuscript I’m reading for Kelli Dunlap and send it back to her (I was supposed to do this last weekend, but allergies and a family emergency delayed me. Sorry, Kelli! Notes are on the way! I’m sure there’s other stuff to do, like mowing the yard if the rain ever stops, but my brain is starting to shut down on me.

As a closing thought, checkout the Reggie and the Full Effect record Songs Not to Fall in Love To. Great stuff!