The Myspace Interview

(Note: This was originally posted to my Myspace Page.  Feel free to take part, but all questions must be submitted through myspace.)

This could be a good idea or a crap idea.  Only time will tell…

Since the reader drive I went on a few weeks back, my blog readership has gone up like a moon rocket.  So, in an attempt to both thank my readers and exploit them, I’m launching The Myspace Interview!

Here’s the deal.  Anybody who wants can ask up to three questions.  You all have until Monday to send your questions to me either in the comments of this entry right here or in a private message.  I’ll answer anything, though I reserve the right to be a smart ass when I want to be.

Here’s your chance to peak inside the psyche and life of a struggling horror writer who’s just itching and scratching to make a name for himself.  It’ll be like asking Stephen King questions, only nobody knows who I am!