News You Can Use

– Back on top of the writing.  In the last month, I’ve put the finishing touches on the first draft of MALICE, my third novel and the one Norman Partridge dared me to write in about three weeks.  It took me four, but I’m still pretty damn proud. 

– Will be finishing the second draft of the second novel tonight.  Then I write the first draft of a short novella before diving into the MALICE second draft.

– If you go to the “Coming Soon” page, you’ll find that I have two short stories available soon.  “Johnny Hall’s Amazing Vanishing Act” should be available at The Late Late Show on May 12th.  That’s the date I was given, anyway.  I’ll let you know if it changes.

– The other story soon to be seen by public eyes is “Of Cabbages and Kings.”  This zombie story is the first official continuation of the Millwood Mythos that started in A Trip to Rundberg.  In my attempts to keep you fine folks guessing, I’ll be jumping into the future and telling the story of Millwood’s last survivor.  Look for it in The Dead Walk Again! an anthology from Die Monster Die! Books in August.

– The move into the new house is more or less complete.  I still have to build some bookshelves, and there’s one wall that needs to be done because we don’t like panelling, and we need to decide what to do about Boris and his carpet tearing ways (because the futon frame blocking him in the kitchen makes it look like we live in a trailer).  Oh, and we need to rebuild a second third of the fence.  And I’m supposed to help Shawna figure out where to hang up pictures.  And the garage door open needs to be fixed, and–oh, for fuck sake just shoot me now!

– I’m better now!