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The Secret Origin of Johnny Castle and Other Dirty Dancing Observations

Yeah, so I watched Dirty Dancing with Shawna last Saturday.  Sue me.  Despite the fact this is what my weekends have been reduced to, I had a good time.  There were a few things I figured out about the story … Continue reading

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Read This!: The Essential Spider-Man, Vol. 1

The Essential Spider-Man, Vol. 1 By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Every story has a beginning, and this is Spider-Man’s.  Collecting the first twenty issues worth of Spider-Man stories from the sixties, this black and white phonebook of a collection … Continue reading

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Construction Myths and a True Story

Set foot on any college campus in America, and you should be able to find a library.  Ask any student on that campus about the library, and they’ll tell you the architect forgot to account for the weight of the books … Continue reading

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Read This!: Under My Roof

Under My Roof By Nick Mamatas Twelve-year-old Herbert can read minds.  Because of this, he knows his father is building a nuclear device in the garden gnome.  Then his father proclaims their house and yard its own country.  They use … Continue reading

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Updates and A Musical

I’ve got some more Read This entries on the way.  I haven’t been reading as much because the new house is sapping a lot of energy.  I have three waiting in the wings, though, and I’ll try to get them … Continue reading

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Sink or Swim

Strange days, friends, though not entirely unexpected ones. It was announced last night that Shocklines will be closing shop.  Shocklines was “Your one stop shop for all things horror.”  It was also the biggest of the online stores.  Many smaller … Continue reading

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Last night, Shawna and I went to Uchi for our seventh anniversary.  If you live in, around, or over Austin, TX, you’ve probably heard of the restaurant that sounds like an exclamation.  After opening in 2003, this Japanese restaurant quickly … Continue reading

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New Story: “Johnny Hall’s Amazing Vanishing Act”

What do you get when you mix rednecks who love Carmen Electra with a heist gone bad?  You get “Johnny Hall’s Amazing Vanishing Act,” the new featured story at The Late Late Show. The fine folks at The Late Late Show … Continue reading

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