Sink or Swim

Strange days, friends, though not entirely unexpected ones.

It was announced last night that Shocklines will be closing shop.  Shocklines was “Your one stop shop for all things horror.”  It was also the biggest of the online stores.  Many smaller publishers depended on Matt Schwartz and his shop to move their print runs.  Not the most sound business move, but they were moving books.

Well, that’s changed.  Those publishers who didn’t have their shit together–who depended on Matt to move their stock for them–they’re toast.  It’s sink or swim time, and their life preserver just said “Sorry, got my own life to live.”

Well, good.  The horror small press–that breeding ground of talent–is probably going to contract.  We’ll all have to earn our stripes now, and we all have to show what we’re made of.  Exciting times, ladies and gents.

Pedal to the metal.  Let’s see how much gas is left in the tank.