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Remembering Power Ballads

Okay, so we’ll have some fun today.  I’m nothing if not a benevolent, fun-loving guy. Last night, I was almost asleep when the subject of power ballads popped into my noggin.  I discussed these over the top pop confections with … Continue reading

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News you can view (and then disregard)

Just some personal and site news for your reading pleasure. Item One: Made the biggest short story sale of my career on Friday.  As soon as contracts are signed, I’ll fill you all in.  Very excited about this one. Item … Continue reading

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Comic-Con Apathy

Two years ago, I went to Comic-Con in San Diego with my friends Randy and Tess.  I had the time of my life as I searched in vain for an artist to help pitch a mini-series.  I got some interesting … Continue reading

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Necon Thank You’s

Well, with a couple days recovery time between myself and the Northeast Writers’ Conference, I’m ready to talk again.  They’ve got this whole “What happens at Necon stays at Necon” thing, but I suspect it’s an idle threat.  Just in … Continue reading

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And Back

I have returned from Providence, RI and Necon.  The weekend was a blast, even if the trip home nearly killed it (more on that later).  Now, I’m going to curl into a ball and die.

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Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 Songs

Mike Oliveri, that bastard, has tagged me.  Now I have to list for you, the adoring public, my top 5 side 1, track 1 songs.  You’ll all just have to pretend for a minute we still live in a world … Continue reading

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The search for Austin’s best burger, Round One

It was a noble quest.  When I started back on June 2nd, I jumped in with both feet.  Now, almost seven weeks later, I report back with the first of my findings.  What follows is a list, in taste-order, of … Continue reading

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Appearing this weekend

I’ll be attending the Northeast Writers’ Conference (or Necon) this weekend.  Should be a blast.  I’ve been looking forward to making this con for a solid year, and the time is now upon us. And what’s this?  I’m appearing on … Continue reading

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Read This!: First Blood

First Blood By David Morrell Anybody who grew up in or around the eighties probably knows this movie.  John Rambo, haunted Vietnam vet, is picked on by small town cops until he strikes back.  He’s the ultimate underdog, in a way.  … Continue reading

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A Special Magic

“Nothing lasts forever, That’s the way it’s gotta be. There’s a great black wave in the middle of the sea.” The Arcade Fire, “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” I spent the last weekend, Friday through Monday morning, in the cluster of small … Continue reading

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