It feels so good!

It’s a fact you have to face if you want to be a writer: you’re going to spend just as much time proofreading and rewriting as writing those brilliant first drafts.  It’s such an important part of the process.  You skip it, and you suddenly look like one of those poor schlubs out of Morris, Illinois who send death threats to everybody who doesn’t understand their “genius.”

Still, the proofread/rewrite cycle can be a draining one.  I finished proofreading the first draft of my third (third!  I must start selling these things!) novel last night.  Thus ends a proofreading period that began back in March.  Yeah, March.  I had two novels of my own to proof, as well as a friend’s manuscript that had sat on my desk waaaaay too long (shame on me, too, for it was a great read).  Throw in moving into a new house and trying to get the place in order, and I’ve been aching to finish proofing and get back to writing.

Because, let’s face it, I’d rather be writing.  I’ve only written maybe 16,000 new words since March.  Sure, they feel like the best I’ve ever written, but I want more.  I’ve got a boiling kettle full of story ideas, including-gasp!-my fourth novel.

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This weekend, I return to Indiana for three days to see family.  I have two brothers I haven’y seen in eight years!  It’ll be great to see them, grab some White Castle, eat a Gold Star cheese coney, and explain to them that I really did put on this much weight in eight years.

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Two weeks later, I’ll be in Providence, Rhode Island for Necon, or the Northeast Writers Conference.  First time for this sucker, and I can’t wait.  I hear it’s a blast and a half.

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I won’t be a Horrorfind near Baltimore next month, but The Dead Walk Again! by Die, Monster! Die! Books should be.  This anthology of zombie stories contains the Rundberg/Millwood story “Of Cabbages and Kings.”  Go buy a frippin’ copy!

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  1. Okay, I’ve been to Indiana a couple times and my folks live out there now, but I’ve got to ask: what the hell is a cheese coney?

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