The search for Austin’s best burger, Round One

It was a noble quest.  When I started back on June 2nd, I jumped in with both feet.  Now, almost seven weeks later, I report back with the first of my findings.  What follows is a list, in taste-order, of the burgers I’ve tried so far.  Will one of them be the best burger in Austin?  Time will tell.

1. Top Notch
7525 Burnet Rd
Cooked over charcoal and made to order, Top Notch is going to be a tough burger to beat.  Their menu is simple, yet large, and the burgers are mouth watering, like something offf the backyard grill.  Probably the most affordable burger on this list, too, with a cheeseburger clocking in at $2.99

2. Dan’s Hamburgers
5602 N Lamar Rd
If Top Notch is your backyard, then Dan’s is the diner on the corner.  With a heaping helping of greasy spoon charm, this place sells their burgers in three sizes.  Their bacon, which costs you a few cents extra, is the best I’ve encountered.

3. P. Terry’s Burger Stand
Corner of Barton Springs and Lamar
A wonderful walk-up with a menu of only a few items, this place does burgers and fries in the In and Out Burger tradition: everything made fresh and by hand, every day.  No frozen patties or pre-cut fries here, and it shows in the taste!

4. The Frisco Shop
5819 Burnet Rd
When you’ve been around for fifty years and sport a staff that’s been there forty, you better put out a damn good burger.  Luckily, the Frisco does not disappoint.  They offer the classic Frisco Burger and the Deep South.  I tried the Deep South and was mighty impressed.  Probably the classiest feel of the places I’ve tried so far, and the prices won’t break your budget.

5. Phil’s Icehouse
5620 Burnet Rd
This place doesn’t have a lot of years behind it, but they have a great menu and a fair amount of skill.  The Brentwood, their bacon cheeseburger, is the biggest sandwich I’ve had in a long time, and it’s damn tasty, too.  I didn’t particulalry care for the sweet potato fries, but that’s a minor complaint.  I’d recommend this place in a heartbeat.

6. The Boulevard Bar and Grill
3616 Far West Blvd, Suite 116
It pains me that I can’t recommend this place.  In fact, I can only warn you against it.  This little hole in the wall used to sport my favorite burger in town, but now only features slow service and bland food.  The sweet buns your sandwich somes on are still very nice, but everything else pales in comparison.  Oh, and you can smell the bathrooms from anywhere in the restaurant, too.  A damn shame.  Avoid.