Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 Songs

Mike Oliveri, that bastard, has tagged me.  Now I have to list for you, the adoring public, my top 5 side 1, track 1 songs.  You’ll all just have to pretend for a minute we still live in a world where cassettes and vinyl are viable musical media.

So, here we go!

“Rockin’ Stroll” – The Lemonheads, It’s a Shame About Ray

“Crime Scene, Part One” – The Afghan Whigs, Black Love

“Bad as They Seem” – Hayden, Everything I Long For

“Travel by Telephone” – Rival Schools, United by Fate

“Holiday” – The Get Up Kids, Something to Write Home About

Now, I have to pick other people to tag.  Hmmm.

Kelli Dunlap
Lee Thomas
Chris Golden
Shawna Blount
Randy Lander


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 Songs

  1. heres my 5

    Johnny Appleseed Joe Strummer

    Its a lomg way to the top AC/DC

    The News Carbon / Silicon

    London Calling The Clash

    Faster Disco Faith No More

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