Necon Thank You’s

Well, with a couple days recovery time between myself and the Northeast Writers’ Conference, I’m ready to talk again.  They’ve got this whole “What happens at Necon stays at Necon” thing, but I suspect it’s an idle threat.  Just in case, I will limit my talking to a series of heartfelt thank you’s.

Thanks to Dan Fox for picking me up at the airport and teaching me the beer opening trick.

Thanks to Paul Puglisi for the apple brandy and for talking me up at his panel.

Thanks to Cassi for the high-test coffee.

Thanks to Kelli Dunlap for support, editing my drunk speech on the fly, and continuously inviting me over for coffee.  Couldn’t have done it without ya.

Thanks to Dave Thomas and the three Jo(e)’s for giving me folks to pal around with, though Big Joe needs to let other people carry stuff now and then.

Thanks to Nate and Nicole Kenyon for being far too cute once again.  It gives this cynic something to rail against.

Thanks to Monica Kuebler for listen to a drunken pitch that took five minutes somewhere around three in the morning.

Thanks to Wrath for looking colder than me.

Thanks to Jeff Strand for the laughs.

Thanks to Bob Booth for the ride to the airport, and to Weston and Yvonne for the offer.

And an extra thanks to Weston Ochse for swooping out of the dark to save the day like the sleeveless Batman he is.

Thanks to Kelly Laymon for sobering up the entire con for a few hours.

Thanks to Jim Moore for paralyzing me with his elbows and giant man hands.

Thanks to Chris Golden for putting me on a panel and in the program book.  Above and beyond, man!

Thanks to Sarah Langan for explaining environmental medicine to me.

Continued thanks to Keene for advice, friendship, racing me at lunch and dinner, and for laughing at all my jokes (I remain unconvinced they were that funny).

And an extra special thanks to Dan Booth, the Booth family, and the rest of the Necon board.  You guys go above the call of duty in every way, and you’ve created the best con out there.  Thank you so much.