Comic-Con Apathy

Two years ago, I went to Comic-Con in San Diego with my friends Randy and Tess.  I had the time of my life as I searched in vain for an artist to help pitch a mini-series.  I got some interesting and encouraging “No thank you’s,” but that was about it.  Mostly, I went to panels and parties and bought sketches and books.  Not a bad way to spend five days.

Last year, I couldn’t make it to Comic-Con, and it was heartbreaking.  I thought it would be the end of my burgeoning (read “imagined”) comic book career.  I’d slip off the radar screen.  The fact that I wasn’t on the screen never occured to me.  The simple little realization that I hadn’t even found an artist for that mini-series pitch eluded me, as well.  Hell, the fact that the only company to show interest in my last pitch had folded around the same time flew right past my head.  I wanted to be there, dammit, and it sucked that I couldn’t go.  Instead, I spent four days glued to the comics sites for news from the con, frustration poking at me the entire time.

Then there was yesterday, the first official day of Comic-Con 2007.  I didn’t even realize it until I got home from work.  In the past two years, I’ve been to World Horror twice, Horrorfind once, and the Northeast Writers’ Conference once.  And you know what?  I got work done.  There’s a sharp difference in being one person out of 200-800 and one person out of 100,000.  Of course I wasn’t on the comic industry radar screen.  I was in line behind a few thousand other guys who’d already managed to trick artists into working up pitches for them.  It’s not a medium where the writing can just speak for itself.  You’re lost without an artist or a name, and I had neither.

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve become pretty bored with comics over the last year.  I’ve purchased maybe ten single issues in the last twelve months.  There’s just very little I’m jazzed about, and what I do enjoy comes out sporadically at best.

So yeah, I’m not at Comic-Con this year, and I’m cool with that.  Instead, I’ll be doing the work, slogging on rewrites and submissions and seeing if I can give this career a solid kick in the ass.