Blabbering and such…

Shawna just informed me she doesn’t even check my blog anymore due to my recent lack of updates. For this reason, I have decided to do the mature thing and spite her.

Or maybe I’m just giving in to make her happy. For fuck’s sake don’t tell her. If she’s not checking in, she never has to know.

Either way, Here’s some recent dispatches, courtesy of Static Broadcasts…

– I have entered one of the periodic stretches of time all writers must face, when you just have to sit at your desk with a bunch of stuff out there and wait to hear back about any of it. I did make an incredible sale recently, truly my finest hour, but I’ve promised I won’t say anything until the contract is signed. I really want to tell you, but I just gotta exercise some kind of restraint and patience.

– Speaking of restraint and patience, those qualities have always been a problem for me. I think I’ve told Shawna what her Christmas and birthday presents are more times than I’ve actually let her be surprised. Well, not this year! As long as she doesn’t read this blog again, she’ll never know about that black rubber corset! I just hope I look good in it.

– The management offers its sincere apologies for those who might have actually pictured me in a black rubber corset. Try picturing somebody hot and famous in it instead. That should help.
– Recent concerts attended: Projekt Revolution and Ween. The Revolution tour featured great set from Placebo, Taking Back Sunday, and My Chemical Romance, who had the greatest backdrop I’ve ever seen. I left well before Linkin Park took to the stage, because I give not a fuck about Linkin Park. The Ween show was great, even for somebody like me, who isn’t a major Ween fan. Shawna is still convinced I hated it for some reason; I really don’t know why. She can be silly.

– Thank goodness she doesn’t read this blog anymore. I’d be in the deepest of shit.

– That thing I said last month about ordering Jeff Strand’s incredible novel Pressure–I meant it. Go buy that sucker NOW!

– The upcoming television season looks so boring I might just have to sleep through it. Take that, networks! Ooh!

– I think I might be getting over Kelly Clarkson. Damn shame, because Shawna is falling deeper and deeper into her Gerard Way(Wey? Weh? Smith?) crush. Life just ain’t fair.

– Seriously, if the love of my life ever reads this blog, I’m a fucking dead man.

– Okay, I should end this on a writing note. Strange days. I’ve finished with the major projects I’ve been breaking my back over for the last six months. Everything feels relaxed, but kind of empty. Now, I’m starting a novella that I tried to sell as a graphic novel a few years ago. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time now, and I can’t wait to see how it flows out. At the same time, I’m trying to decide between two story ideas that could be the basis of novel number four. It’s a tough decision, and I don’t relish making it. Such things must be done, however

– Finally, a note for the other writers, or at least the newer ones. I don’t know if any aspiring writers read this blog. I’m hardly an expert, and the term aspiring still applies to me in just about every way. If you want some free advice, though, here it is: Be careful where you sell your work. Research your markets, and don’t go placing yourself in any shady mags or anthologies just because you think you can get in. I’ve seen friends of mine burned, and I’d hate for any of you to think you’re making a great sale only to be raked over the coals because the editor’s a psycho or something like that.

– Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes.