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Gosh, it’s hot! Three days at the Austin City Limits Music Festival

Ten days on, I still have the last remnants of a heat rash–what was once thirty-nine terrible zits–on my forehead.  I’ve given myself time to digest the events of my weekend at ACL Fest, and I am ready to tell … Continue reading

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The slow, painful destruction of my body

Something interesting happened when I moved to Texas in 1999: my body started falling apart.  I was actually in good shape at the time, but almost immediately after my relocation, my body started to suffer various ailments from sleeping.  That’s … Continue reading

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ACL Fest: Am I getting my money’s worth?

This weekend, I will be attending the three day Austin City Limits Festival for the first time.  It should be a blast, and I’m very much looking forward to it.  That said, I’ve never spent $130 on a concert ticket … Continue reading

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Aborted Projects

I thought this might be a fun topic.  I’m sure every writer out there has a slew of half-written projects lying around, discarded or set aside for one reason or another.  I figured you might enjoy a look at some … Continue reading

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Nate attends a fantasy football draft so you don’t have to.

That’s right, friends and neighbors. Even after last year’s terrible screed against fantasy football, I decided to attend the draft held at my girlfriend’s parents’ house. Why did I do this? Well, I could say it was in the interest … Continue reading

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