Aborted Projects

I thought this might be a fun topic.  I’m sure every writer out there has a slew of half-written projects lying around, discarded or set aside for one reason or another.  I figured you might enjoy a look at some of the things I started and then tossed out in my short tenure as young writer.

FOR YOU – A Horror screenplay about a college student stalked by a psychopath.  Two drafts completed, then tossed away because it was just a basic slasher film.

AFTER MIDNIGHT – Same deal, only set in high school.

STRANDED – Another screenplay.  Four high school kids stranded at a rest stop furing a storm are stalked by a psychopath.  I never said I started out with original ideas.

ALMOST BULLETPROOF – Screenplay, then comic book.  Romantic comedy about a loser kidnapped by a beautiful bankrobber.  Always fell apart about halfway through.

DOC’S – The last screenplay.  Empire Records set in a restaurant.  I loved the characters, and it had some great stuff in it, but it’s still Empire Records set in a restaurant.

GREEN RIVER – Comic book, then novel.  Four friends stab each other in the back after a backwoods heist goes wrong.  The first issue was written, then I decided to turn it into a novel rather than search for an artist.  Sadly, I hadn’t even completed a short story yet.  The results were as bad as you’d think.

TO THE LAST MAN – Comic book, then novella. A revenge story/action piece.  Always fell apart in the third act.

THE PROGRAM – Worked very briefly with Randy Lander on a comic pitch about a villain serving his community service on a super hero team.  Still a good idea, and I’ll probably have to rope Randy back into it sooner or later.  Then again, these things rarely work outside of Marvel or DC.

SAVAGE TOM – Comic book.  An Old West horror story.  Y’know, maybe I’ll get back to this sooner or later.

THE STARECROWS – Novel.  Really, the less you know about this one, the better.  Shitty with a capital SHITTY.