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From Me to You

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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“Insomnia is My Only Friend” available free to the public

“Insomnia is My Only Friend,” a short story of mine that appeared in the first issue of Horror Literature Quarterly, is now available free to non-subscribers from now until the end of Stoker Awards voting.  Either link above is good.  … Continue reading

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The 2007 Halloween Buffet

I really enjoyed doing this last year, and my love of Halloween has not died in the slightest.  That said, here’s your halloween recommendations for 2007. SHORT STORIES 1. “In the Hills, the Cities” by Clive Barker.  Barker set the … Continue reading

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Speedbumps on the road to health

I knew it.  Goddammit, I knew it all along.  I never should have told you fine people about my attempts at losing weight and feeling better.  It could only end in tragedy (or in the best possible case… annoyance). So, … Continue reading

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Announcement: Horror Mall

It has come to my attention that a huge announcement was made this morning.  Shane Staley of Delirium Books and Larry Roberts of Bloodletting Press have joined forces to create Horror Mall, a one stop shop for all things horror … Continue reading

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Monkeys: The New Menace

A senior government official in India has been killed by monkeys. You read that right.  It appears there are terrible mobs of monkeys roaming New Delhi.  Remember this, folks.  This is what happens when you let animals congregate in large numbers.  … Continue reading

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Death Proof: A Review

Wow.  That was the worst movie I’ve seen in a loooooong time.

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Recent stops on the Get Healthy train

Had my latest physical about a month ago, and to say the doctor was pleased with the results would be much like saying remaking Halloween was a good idea (hint: it wasn’t).  Turns out, seven years of hard drinking isn’t … Continue reading

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Death, Hell, and IKEA

Last weekend, Shawna and I went shopping for a rug to go with our brand new tile (Author’s Note-Ha!  We have new tile!).  Anyway, we had a great system picked out for our rug selection, namely that Shawna would pick … Continue reading

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News from the great big waiting period

Yep, still here waiting for word back on projects. As you may have guessed (or not…like I know), that’s why there’s been a lack of updates.  I wasn’t eaten by my own ego or anything. So, news… Currently waiting to … Continue reading

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