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Thanksgiving Wrap-Up and Fake Deadlines

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I’m giving thanks for not reclaiming the sixteen pounds I’ve lost in the last month or so.  I’d give more thanks, but I’m already out of leftovers, and that bums me out something … Continue reading

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The Dregs of Humanity

No, this won’t be about some politician or actor or musician or religious figure or even that mail-carrier that keeps tearing the pages of your latest copy of Rolling Stone.  Instead, I will be speaking today of the two worst … Continue reading

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Comments back on

Oliveri tells me such and such plug-in will eliminate most of the spam comments, so we’ll open this up and see what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

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Fast and Gooood

I just had a short story pop into my head damn-near finished.  That’s a great feeling! You may now return to your Wednesday.

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Accelerating toward the cliff

If you read enough interviews with writers (or better yet, get to talk to them), sooner or later you’ll hear them describe some project where they knew the beginning and the end when they started, but didn’t have much of … Continue reading

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STAPLE! Registration Open!

When I’m not busy alienating both friends and strangers who have enough money to buy stuff like Rock Band, I’m helping with the organization of STAPLE!, a indie comics con here in Austin.  Here is you STAPLE! news… Hey everybody! … Continue reading

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If you buy Rock Band, you’re an asshole.

So, the makers of Guitar Hero are putting out a new game, Rock Band.  Basically, it’s Guitar Hero for four players. It includes vocals, drums, bass guitar, and lead guitar. Sounds kinda cool. Then I learned the game costs $170.  … Continue reading

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Rebecca has eyes like dead raspberries

Damn, I’m tired today.  I feel like I only got an hour or so of sleep.  Amazingly, it’s not entirely the fault of Shawna’s dogs: Greta and Boris.  Sure, they woke me up at five so they could be let … Continue reading

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Preparing for year’s end (the broke writer shuffle)

Ah, the life of the struggling writer.  The parties! The food!  The flirtations with high society!  The group of nubile college coeds who arrive every Saturday at eight o’clock wearing business suits and shoulder holsters (I never said my fantasy … Continue reading

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